crystal healing soul journey FAQ

Q: What is crystal healing therapy?

A: Crystal Healing, or The Ancient Art of Laying on Stones, is an advanced healing art that has the capacity to influence and balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Working with the light, color and geometric forms that Mother Earth provides, specific stones are placed upon the chakras, or spiritual energy centers of the body. Each stone has its own specific healing properties, purpose and color, and is generally placed upon the associated chakra. From this foundation, the chakras are activated and the aura is infused with the light reflecting off of the stones, allowing access to subtle levels of consciousness for personal empowerment. 

Q: How do crystals work?

A: Crystals are alive like everything else in the universe, they are conscious beings, vibrating at different frequencies depending on color and composition. Crystals have been used throughout history for healing, as they work with the human electromagnetic energy field, or aura, and can move, absorb, focus direct and diffuse energy within the body. They are magnifiers of energy and can focus and amplify, they can be programmed to assist us in almost anything. They are incredibly powerful and so should always be used with respect. Laying on Stones infuses the aura with high vibrations of the crystals and stones, and purges the chakras clearing out negative, dense, congested or blocked energies, allowing the flow to come into alignment once again. All experiences of the Soul are recorded in our DNA, through the Ancient Art of Laying on Stones we are able to access information from this life, as well as any life imprinted in your Soul's akashic records. In this way we are able to journey into the Soul and recover fragmented aspects of the self, helping to heal, clear, and recover our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves.

Q: What is a crystal healing soul journey like?

A: We will open with some basic information and establishing your intention for the healing session. When we are ready to begin you will lay on the healing bed, face up. We will begin by opening with a meditation visualization and breathing exercise. This focus will assist you in relaxing into the space and opening to the crystalline energies. As you focus on the meditation, I will begin to place the stones over the chakras and plexus points. (It is best to place the crystals directly on the skin, however some folks prefer to stay covered. If you prefer to stay covered it is ideal to wear white, but it is not required. If you are comfortable with the direct skin contact for the crystals many women will wear a swimsuit top or sports bra or regular bra. Whatever you are comfortable with is okay.) Once the stones have been placed I will call upon our guides and set protection for the space & the healing will begin from there. Much like a hypnotherapy session we will access the alpha theta brainwave state that allows access to the subconscious mind. With the assistance of the crystals there is potential to access soul information and commune with etheric realms. The healing can be very visual for some and more physical for others. You will have the ability to ask questions and receive answers from within yourself. We will keep an open dialogue as your session unfolds and I will take notes, which you will receive to take with you at the close of your session. We will hold that space for an hour or so. At the close of the session you will be given a mirror to look over the stones and crystals on your body. (I usually take photos for folks and send those via text or email, whichever is preferred. You are able to decline photos if you like. Confidentiality of photos is fully respected unless consent is given to allow the photos to be used for marketing/promotional materials.) You will then be guided through a grounding meditation as the stones are removed. We will then review the session and the information received. The duration in total will be about 2 hours.

Q: how can crystal healing help?

A: When we are in alignment with our true nature, we are living harmoniously with all aspects of ourselves. When we remove and release blockages we become more attuned to Spirit. Crystal Healing can help us break free from that which we no longer need, helping us shed unwanted behaviors, thought patterns, and emotions. Physical dis-ease arises due to an imbalance of the mind, body, emotions or spirit. Clearing the aura, balancing the chakras and releasing systems that no longer serve us, allows one to move forward with grace and ease, and move into a personal place of wellness, balance, peace and contentment. 

 Crystal Healing Therapy can be used to balance the chakras, clear the aura, ground your Spirit, connect with Mother Earth and the cosmos, amplify your energy, raise your vibration, stimulate harmonious brain activity, restore the body and mind, strengthen the meridians, transmute blockages, stimulate healing, personal growth and spiritual development, past life regression, future life progression, soul retrieval, clear karmic patterns, and release past traumas.