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Crystal healing therapy

Crystal Healing Therapy is an advanced healing art  that works directly with the light, color, beauty and perfect geometric forms that the mineral kingdom provides to assist us in balancing all aspects of our being: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.


guided crystalline energy infusion

Crystal Meditations



Guided crystalline energy infusions influence the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies, activating the aura, chakras & nerve plexus points to create balance & expansion. Specific stones are placed over the corresponding parts of the body & in the auric field with intention & purpose while you are guided through an attunement meditation to integrate the energies of the stones.

For more information please read our Crystal Meditation FAQ, or Book Now to schedule a session. 



  • Guided Meditation
  • Chakra Balance & Activation
  • Clearing Auric Space
  • Mental Reprogramming
  • Light Body Activation
  • Balancing the Masculine & Feminine
  • Duration of session is 45 minutes

Shamanic crystal healing session

soul journeys



A journey into the heart of your truest self through the use of crystal healing therapy and energy medicine. Rise above the chaos & view your life from an expanded perspective to receive healing & clarity. With the crystals lighting the way, deep personal sources of healing energy can be accessed as understanding and knowledge about oneself surfaces from inner sanctums of knowing. As you journey within, you will be assisted by an experienced & certified practitioner who will hold loving space & apply the proper therapeutics when needed. 

For more information please read our Soul Journey FAQ, or Book Now to schedule a session.



  • Guided Meditation
  • The Ancient Art of Laying On Stones
  • Reiki Healing & Laying On Hands
  • Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
  • Singing Bowls & Rattles
  • Session Documentation 
  • Duration of session is 2 hours

5 day crystal healing workshop

certification courses



5 day Beginner Crystal Healing Certification Courses through the lineage of Katrina Raphaell & the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts. Courses can be held in person or online. In the Beginner Crystal Healing Certification Course you will receive education in the practice and theory of The Ancient Art of Laying On Stones, as well as focus on the specific healing properties of many crystals and stones. Familiarity with Katrina's CRYSTAL TRILOGY is a pre-requisite. 

For more information please read our Certification Courses FAQ, or Book Now to register.



  • Activation of the chakra system with associated Quartz stones

  • Working with the Laying On Of Stones

  • Discussion of the Power Stones

  • Crystal Healing Therapeutics

  • Stones to release negative energies

  • Practicing Crystal Healing

  • Duration is 30 hours over 5 days