Reiki FAQ

Q: What is reiki?

A: Rei is translated as the "wisdom and knowledge of all the Universe", the wisdom that comes from the Source, the Creator, the Universe or All That Is. Ki is the life-force energy that flows through every living thing and is present in everything around us.

Reiki, or "Universal Life-Force Energy", is a safe, gentle, nonintrusive hands-on healing technique which uses spiritual energy to treat physical, mental, emotional or spiritual ailments. It is a holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonizing all aspects of the person - body, mind, emotions and spirit - and it can also be used to encourage personal growth and spiritual awareness. Reiki is a very high vibrational energy, it can flow into, over and through anything, including solid matter. As Reiki flows into the aura (or human electro-magnetic field) and physical body, it helps to break down energetic disruptions or blockages, clearing and balancing the chakras and straightening the energy pathways (meridians) to allow the life-force to flow in a healthy and natural way. This influx of high-frequency energy stimulates and accelerates the body's own natural healing ability, so that pain relief and physical healing can take place. Reiki acts to heal, harmonize, and balance the whole self, and is guided by a higher wisdom and always works for the highest good of the person receiving it, it cannot be harmful in any way.

Q: How can reiki help?

A: Reiki is guided by a Higher Intelligence, it works holistically, so  its effects are not limited to the physical body but also affect the mind, emotions, and spirit, healing, harmonizing, and balancing the whole, as in the following:

Physical  Reiki supports and accelerates the body's own natural ability to heal itself, helping to alleviate pain and relieve other symptoms while cleansing the body of poisons and toxins. Reiki balances and harmonizes the whole energy body, promoting a sense of wholeness, a state of positive wellness and an overall feeling of well-being. It also works with a person's physical consciousness, or body wisdom, to help them develop a greater awareness of the body's real needs - for example, the right nutrition, exercise and sleep pattern. 

Mental  Reiki flows into all levels of a person's thinking processes, allowing them to let go of negative thoughts, concepts, attitudes, and to replace them with positivity, peace and serenity. This leads to a state of deep relaxation, with the consequent release of stress and tension. Reiki works with the energy field, especially the brow chakra (Third Eye) to enhance intuitive abilities, and it also works with all levels of a person's consciousness to encourage them to pursue their personal potential through greater insight and self-awareness. 

Emotional  Reiki flows into all levels of a person's emotional energy - those of which they are aware, and those they keep hidden - to encourage them to examine their emotional responses to people and situations, allowing them to let go of negative emotions such as anger or jealousy, and promoting the qualities of loving, caring, sharing, trusting and goodwill. It can also help people to channel emotional energy into creativity. 

Spiritual  Reiki flows into a person's whole energy body, soul and spirit, to help them to accept and love their whole self. It fosters a nonjudgmental approach to humankind, allowing them to accept every person as a soul energy on its own spiritual path, not just as a human being with all the attendant failings and frailties. It promotes the qualities of love, compassion, understanding and acceptance, and encourages a person on their personal path toward spiritual development and connnectedness with the Divine. 

Q: What is a reiki session like?

A: The treatment starts with the recipient laying on his/her back and the Practitioner's hands are placed gently on the body in specific places and will normally be kept still for a few minutes, without using pressure, manipulation or massage. A session usually lasts between 45 minutes to an hour and a half and shorter sessions are also possible. Reiki energy flows flows from the practitioner's hands and into the recipient's body or energy field. A Reiki session feels like a glowing radiance that surrounds and fills the recipient. Some may experience feelings of heat or tingling as the Reiki flows through them, or certain parts of the body might feel cold. Usually the recipient feels very relaxed and peaceful as the energy flows through their body, and many drift off to sleep or experience deep meditative states. Sometimes the recipient can become quite emotional as the Reiki begins to break down old patterns and blockages and bringing them to the surface. Generally the whole body will be treated, with areas of blocked or congested energy being a main focus. Often a Reiki Practitioner can feel or sense where Reiki is needed and will intuitively go to those areas during a session. I usually start at the head, work down one side of the body, to the feet and then back up the other side of the body, finishing at the head.  The recipient often leaves feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Q: who is reiki for?

A: While Reiki is helpful with any health or stress-related problems, people don't have to be ill to benefit from a Reiki treatment. Receiving a Reiki treatment is great for anybody whatever their age. It is lovely to just relax and be nurtured for awhile. Babies and small children usually love Reiki, although they don't often want to sit still long enough for a full treatment. Pregnant women usually find Reiki very soothing for themselves and their unborn child, and it can be really beneficial to both mother and baby to receive Reiki during the birth process.  

q: where did reiki originate?

A: The awareness that unseen energy flows throughout all living things and directly affects the quality of a person's health has been part of the wisdom of many cultures since ancient times. This life-force energy goes by many names: qi in China, ki in Japan, and prana in India. The ancient Hawaiians called it ti or ki. It has also been called orgone energy and elan vital, and science refers to it as biofield energy.  Hands-on healing has been used for thousands of years in virtually every religion, culture and society. Dr. Mikao Usui (1865-1926), a Japanese Buddhist Priest, discovered a way of accessing and using this healing energy, and of passing this ability on to other people. He founded the Usui Reiki Ryoho, which means the Usui Spiritual Energy Healing Method, widely known throughout the world as simply "Reiki".